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Ghazi is a upcoming telugu movie which is based on the real incidents happened in Indo-Pakistani war of 1971. 

This latest Rana’s film is directed by debutant Sankalp. Ghazi is releasing allover India wide as The Ghaji Attack. Amithabh Bachchan gave his voice for the Hindi version of the film. Chiranjeevi lent his voice for the Telugu film. The film trailer was released on 11 January 2017. The film is expected to release on 17 February 2017.


Movie Rating : 3/5

Story :

The film is set amid the mid 70's when Pakistan armed force sends an exceptional submarine called Ghazi to help its warriors who are battling a war with Bangladesh. The main way that Ghazi can achieve Bangladesh is through Indian waters and furthermore by decimating the compelling Indian warship INS Vikranth which remains in its direction.
This news is carried on to the Indian experts trough some secret services. To handle the savage Ghazi, the Indian naval force conveys the S-21 submarine which is overseen by some capable officers like Arjun Varma(Rana Daggubbatti). Rest of the story is regarding how the whole group of S-21 remain submerged for a considerable length of time and figure out how to battle the destructive 

Plus  Points:-

The whole group of PVP silver screen and Matinee entertainment to be credited for having confidence in a film like Ghazi and taking it on sets. Every one can say that a film like this has not been made on Indian screens to date. The way genuine occasions have been described with a touch of fiction is great and exhibits the gauge of the youthful executive. Rana Daggubatti has turned into the go-to man for various movies like these. He not just has given the film a tremendous market however has additionally demonstrated his strength as an on-screen character in Ghazi. Ideal from his look to his enthusiastic execution, Rana remains on top and conveys the film on his shoulders. Ghazi has a proficient supporting cast as K Menon, Atul Kulkarni and Satyadev who have given a champion execution. The film would not have turned out the way it did notwithstanding these splendid performing artists.
The fundamental dramatization that has been displayed between the lead cast in crunch wartime holds the film together. The whole first half is loaded with splendid fierce scenes between K Menon, Atul Kulkarni and Rana which connect with you into the account totally. Extraordinary specify ought to go to the workmanship office for exhibiting the submarine and its inside magnificently. Not once do you feel that the whole motion picture is taped on a set However another preferred standpoint for the film is the itemizing done to the film. Each viewpoint from the submarine, regalia to the visual impacts everything has been precisely managed.

Weak  Points:

Taapsee's part has not a lot to do with the procedures. There are numerous scenes in the film where more show could have been effectively included. Scenes like impacting of the Pakistani submarine and the way national song of devotion is sung by the maritime officers could have worked significantly more on the off chance that they had some hard hitting feelings going.

The main portion of the film has more fierce scenes which won't not run well with the customary gathering of people. One who expects some incredible war scenes in the film will be baffled as Ghazi is based submerged and just constrained activity scenes are exhibited.

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