For a little over a month now, I’ve been looking at my AdSense earnings in Google Analytics to better understand my earnings, and I’ve stu...



For a little over a month now, I’ve been looking at my AdSense earnings in Google Analytics to better understand my earnings, and I’ve stumbled across some rather interesting results. Without even realising it, I’ve come up with even more ways to increase my AdSense earnings each month. They range from simple ad placement, to writing specific posts, and appealing to a certain referrer. Here’s how you can increase YOUR earnings.


AdSense Revenue is the amount of money you’ve made in your selected time period (2 weeks for me)./ 1000 visits, is how much money you’ve made for every 1000 visits to your site.Ads clicked, is the amount of ads clicked by viewers.Ads clicked / visit, is the total number of visits, divided by the number of ads clicked.CTR stands for Click Through Rate and this is the percentage of clicks you get for each ad impression. 
eCPM stands for effective Cost Per 1000 impressions (M being a roman numeral). It’s the total earnings per 1000 impressions. AdSense Ads Viewed is the total number of ads seen, from all multiple ads on all the pageviews. AdSense Unit Impressions / Visit is the number of ads that are viewed by visitors, per visit. AdSense Page Impressions is the amount of pages viewed that have AdSense ads on them. AdSense Page Impressions / Visit is similar to pages viewed per visit, only it’s pages with ads viewed, per visit.


By far, my favorite factor concerning using Analytics to appear at your AdSense, is that you simply can then determine that of your referrers ar definitely worth the most in terms of AdSense revenue. My results were rather stunning on behalf of me. For quite whereas currently, I’ve been featured on the homepage of a photography forum with concerning 7000 active members, however that’s mature lots a lot of over the last month just about. I don’t get an enormous quantity of traffic from them, as I presently solely have one link on their homepage, however once I do, it’s value lots to Maine.

Let Maine show you associate example of what happened. once you move into the new GA, click on Content, then AdSense, then AdSense Referrers, this may point out a listing of all the websites that sent guests World Health Organization have clicked on a commercial, similarly as a timeline of your earnings. The results below ar for an entire month, and sadly, as a result of Google’s rules and laws, I’m not allowed to point out you them, therefore you’ll simply have to be compelled to take my word for it. the foremost vital a part of the results isn’t the ads clicks, viewed, or perhaps the revenue; it’s the clicking Through Rate (CTR) and eCPM (effective price Per a thousand impressions).
As we tend to discovered earlier, the CTR is that the proportion of ads that ar clicked, per impression, thus you wish that to be as high as attainable. the rationale the CTR is far more than a number of the opposite referrers is as a result of the standard of visitant that I’m receiving from that referrer. StumbleUpon encompasses a notably poor CTR, as a result of the folks that use it aren’t craving for something above all thus it’s arduous to induce their attention, which can lead to them clicking on a poster. UglyHedgehog on the opposite hand could be a forum for photographers, that the folks on it web site ar actively craving for content in my niche.

The eCPM is additionally considerably more than the opposite referrers, that tells ME that if I will increase the quantity of impressions that I’m obtaining from them, then i'll earn lots more cash. the standard of Twitter user is sometimes pretty poor, as they don’t usually pay an excessive amount of time on the location (00:01:47), and although a link lots to my web site  around ten times daily through Twitter, I still get less traffic from them than Facebook. Facebook on the opposite hand encompasses a higher quality of visitant, with folks gazing a lot of pages and staying for extended (00:02:29, however their eCPM is truly less than that of Twitter.

From these findings I will conclude that terribly prime quality traffic, like forums in your niche ( has a median time on web site of 00:04:09 and a couple of.19 pages per visit), can cause you to rather more cash, with great care long as you'll get the traffic you’re when. folks ar less possible to click on ads once they’ve return from websites like Facebook, as they’re a lot of inquisitive about the content that you’ve written. they supply a decent quality of visitant, however their time on web site is sort of [*fr1] that of the forum in my niche, thus it’s vital to search out a decent balance of visitant quality. Twitter users appear to behave otherwise to alternative users, as they’re in a very browsing mode, and ar clicking on content that they see in their feed before it disappears. it'd seem that they treat the websites they visit in a very similar method, by clicking on a lot of ads. I truly get a lot of traffic from Facebook, however my earnings from Twitter so much outweigh those of Facebook, that is nice extremely, as a result of it’s rather more acceptable to post multiple links on Twitter.

#Write Content That Links among Your web site

This step created shockingly smart results for my earnings. If you look have a glance at my graph below, you’ll see that on the sixth of November, there was a huge increase in earnings. the primary factor I did was recollect thereto day to check that post I had printed, and that i found a post titled ‘A Beginner’s Guide To Photography’, and this was merely a set of my tutorials. This meant that anyone World Health Organization had viewed the page would need to click on another if they wished to find out something. This forced them to extend their pages per visit, that produces a lot of ad impressions.

When I break down my earnings so I’m solely receiving info from the sixth of November, I will begin to check that referrer is earning ME the foremost cash. is that the address agent that Twitter uses, thus I will see clearly that alittle range of page impressions has yielded terribly robust earnings. With an oversized range of clicks from seventy six page impressions, I actually have a bizarrely high CTR. From this response, I will see that to earn cash, this is often the kind of content that i want to be promoting, tho' as several sources as I will. I’m presently combining this content, with the forum mentioned within the tip on top of, so I will drive top of the range traffic, to the content that earns ME the foremost cash. when simply a pair of days of doing this, I’m already commencing to notice a huge improvement.

 # Text and Image Ads

Enabling your ad units to show each text and image/rich media ad sorts, will increase the quantity of ads competitory to seem on your web site. a lot of advertisers within the ad auction drives higher bids and a lot of revenue for you. On average, publishers see a fifty nine increase in eCPM earnings after they build these counseled changes. If you’re not already victimisation each, then it’s as easy as going into the ‘My ads’ tab, and clicking on ‘Edit ad type’, next to the ad within the list. this can increase the price per click, thus albeit you’re not rising the quantity of clicks that your web site is obtaining, you’ll still build more cash.

 # Increase Ad Size

Advertisers like wider ad units for his or her premium inventory, leading to higher bids for your ad placements. tho' all sites ar completely different, publishers usually see zero.35 eCPMs once victimisation the broader ad size. you'll begin by merely dynamical single ads on standard pages to check however well they work, and if it’s not too intrusive, then you'll begin rolling it out across your whole web site. I didn’t do that in my sidebar as a result of i used to be aware that the entire dimension of the sidebar would need to amendment, which wouldn't solely take lots of your time, however wash up the spacing that I had set out for posts. Instead, I superimposed a wider ad at the tip of every post, that differs to any or all the opposite ads on my web site, and this saw a decent improvement in ad sales


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