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Google AdSense! one in all the foremost best, sure and skilled manner of earning cash by showing your passion towards writing and sharing the information. Google AdSense earnings is sure by several advertisers and publishers from the past few years, and frequently they ne'er settle for anyone can make money with adsense  arbitrarily World Health Organization is attempting to use for an account. you would like to indicate them the foremost skilled approach of obtaining your adsense website account accepted, else Google adsense website can merely throw your application aside.


Minimum Pages/ Articles/ Posts:

If you're victimisation WordPress, make certain your website/blog has a minimum of forty quality articles that aren't derived from anyplace else. Your content on the articles ought to be extraordinarily made and make certain you employ relevant pictures wherever ever needed. try and embody 2 drawn-out articles of 2000 words every, that ought to be completely beautiful whereas anyone reads them on your web site. If you're victimisation markup language web site or the other non CMS version of web log, make certain you've got atleast fifty pages on your web site in type or articles or landing pages.

If you miss providing this any of the on top of data on your web site, Google would possibly reject your application speech communication depleted Content or Unacceptable website Content. therefore make certain they see enough content on your web site before applying the program. The additional the content, the higher possibilities of approval.

Prohibited web site Niches:

Statistics show that your account can bear a quicker approval method if you have got a lot of quality articles on Health, net selling, Business, Law, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Travel, fashion and Social Media. Google can take your application as a heavy offense if your web site contain any of the prohibited content mentioned during this link here.

Some studies have conjointly tried that Google AdSense would possibly reject your approval if your web site is on event blogging and small niche blogging. during this explicit blogging, you limit your journal content to just one explicit subject and build a spam domain around it to rank higher. Eg: (Mayweather vs Pacquiao Match Online). In some cases, if you have got determined Google Ads in these of internet sites, most likely they need applied the account through AN another account and placed the ads during this event niche blogging to earn fast cash.

No Third Party Ads or Programs:

Before applying to AdSense, confirm you don’t enable or place the other third party banner ad code on your web site. Google (employees) can strictly inspect your web site manually and that they hate seeing some third party ads put in in your web site. keep one's hands off from Infolinks, Chitika, Yahoo Ads or the other third party network to urge the primary impression clean on your web site. confirm you set solely the recent content and a few regular widgets on the web site.

Also, keep one's hands off from affiliate links like hosting programs, Amazon affiliates, Clickbank or anyother till your account is approved.

Website style and User Experience:

Google perpetually wish their users to urge the simplest expertise whereas browsing through any web site they refer. Maintaining a clean style with smart navigation and user expertise can boost your possibilities of obtaining AdSense approved within the 1st try itself. this can be one in every of the key pointers wherever ton of individuals miss the fundamentals. Google believes that if you maintain skilled colour scheme on your web site, the user may well be willing to return back and click on on the relevant ads that ar displayed below your content.

So confirm you maintain a neat and clean style before applying to AdSense. i might advocate you to shop for one skilled model anyplace and find it put in on your web site while not effecting the loading speed or simple navigation.

Google Analytics Code:

Adding Google Analytics code on your web site could be a trusty issue for the approval. Adding Analytics onto your web site show that you simply ar actively trailing your guests and is far serious concerning the statistics of your users UN agency visit your web site. If you haven’t created one, click here to register the program. Once registered, get your trailing code by making new account below the accounts tab and enter your web site name, universal resource locator and different needed details. Place the code on every page of your web site to trace the info instantly.

Google/Bing Webmasters Verification Page:

Just like Google Analytics, you would like to even verify with Google Webmaster program, that has the entire access to your web site in search perspective. With Google Webmaster Tools, you'll track your web site important errors and fix them on a routine. Click here to register and click on on “Add a Site” to enter your web site universal resource locator. Verify your web site possession through any of the counseled methodology and complete the method to stay your account functioning actively.

Also, adding the Bing Webmaster Tools to your web site can add a lot of believability to your domain that you simply ar serious concerning the web site search visibility. although this guideline is pretty simple to perform, many of us can get snug while not knowing the importance of putting in these tools.

Adding these 2 verifications on your web site code or server can show smart results on search visibility also.

XML Sitemap Page: 

Creating a sitemap doesn’t take an excessive amount of of some time. If you're victimisation WordPress, i like to recommend Google XML Sitemaps By Arne Brachhold. And if you're victimisation the other platform, i like to recommend you to checkout XML-Sitemaps web site for a lot of information. putting in a sitemap on your web site will facilitate computer programme bots to index your web site quicker, that is once more a trust issue to bots concerning the web site trustiness.


Creating Robots.txt file on your web site can get obviate categorisation unwanted junk onto Google. I even have written an in depth post few days back on the way to write good robots.txt for your web site. Else you'll conjointly check own robots.txt file and easily copy it to your WordPress web site. I even have restricted all the unwanted knowledge regulating to go looking engines, that adds lots useful to your SEO efforts of ranking the pages higher on Google. Plus, robots.txt file is another nice feature to feature it your web site as a trust issue.

Alexa Rank:

Google AdSense considering the Alexa rank has perpetually been an argument, as many of us disagree that Google doesn’t care concerning your international rankings. Trust me, I powerfully believe that this can be one in every of the foremost necessary listing any manual operator checks before even gap your web site statistics. however will anyone quickly choose a few web site performance? the solution is easy, and its Alexa ranking. therefore confirm you put in the Alexa toolbar and browse my eBook on the way to boost Alexa ranking at intervals 30days.

Note: Before applying to AdSense, confirm your web site international Alexa ranking is a smaller amount than 400K for quicker approval method. typically the web site on top of this rank is taken into account to be new and underestimated that no abundant knowledge is seen on them.

Important Pages:

Google needs to grasp your identity before you signup to their AdSense program. therefore confirm your produce the subsequent pages on your web site as presently as doable.

Privacy Policy
Disclaimer Policy
Terms of Usage
Contact Us

About America (Write your name and address through that you applied the AdSense account)
In the concerning America section, clearly mention UN agency you're, and why is that this web site created for, what's the profit folks get out of your web site. The a lot of clear, the higher the probabilities of your approval. Keep your writing system mistakes, descriptive linguistics and punctuation clear once you try this.

Custom Domain and Email ID:

A lot of individuals get produce websites through blogspot and free WordPress platforms to use AdSense. Note that AdSense team can take a custom domain a lot of seriously instead of the free name. finance 2$ on a website name isn't a giant deal once you have health possibilities of obtaining approval with different factors like mentioned on top of. therefore don’t provide yourself a second probability to use the AdSense program and find your own domain as early as doable.

Once you have got your own domain, produce AN email ID together with your name ( to use the AdSense program. Eg: can get a lot of attention compared to Note that your free web site programs offer you the privilege or adding your custom domains while not paying any further fee.

Decent Traffic: 

Though lots of portals, forums mention that Google AdSense doesn’t need any specific amount of pageviews to approve your account, I still feel and old the treatment if you have got a good traffic. Let your journal age some weeks (atleast two months) before you rush to use the AdSense program. i might perpetually advocate you to remain till your web site get a minimum of 50+ guests per day. If your web site isn't obtaining enough traffic, the probabilities of rejection is far higher in comparison to different pointers.

Once your web site is prepared with of these on top of pointers, click here to use to Adsense, and confirm you have got competent the Google AdSense TOC for a lot of info on the program.

Leave your comments to examine if your doing smart with the method. And if your AdSense was rejected despite of following of these on top of mentioned pointers, shoot ME a mail to and that i can assist you out with a free AdSense consultation. keep tuned to SEOSiren for a lot of such fascinating topics!

Also, I even have created a step by step video guide the way to apply Adsense if you're searching for a lot of info. consider the below video and allow us to recognize if you continue to have hassle in obtaining your account approved.

Statistics say that Google AdSense accepts solely three accounts of each one thousand adsense websites they receive day after day. If you're making an attempt to urge onto the account or has been rejected earlier, follow these easy tips to urge your own AdSense earnings in precisely three easy days. tho' these below tips won’t get you the adsense website approved instantly, however can certainly work if you are trying heritable every step mentioned above. 


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