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It's been one of life's greatest secrets: what did Zoey say?! Ten years after the 'Zoey 101' time case scene, maker Dan Schneider skilled fans with an exceptional feature where Chase uncovered the time container, and we at long last realized what Zoey said every one of those years back.

'Zoey 101': What Did Zoey Say On The Time Capsule Episode? Watch Now

This is the best thing Dan Schneider could have given Zoey 101 fans. Zoey (Jamie-Lynn Spears) told Chase (Sean Flynn) he could uncover her time case following 10 years in 2005. All things considered, that decade is up, and now we recognize what Zoey said! In an exceptional feature for the fans, Chase figured out how Zoey felt about him route back when.

Alright, so here's the place everything began. On Sept. 18, 2005, Zoey made a DVD advising her companions the amount they all intended to her. Since Chase was clearly infatuated with Zoey, he needed to check whether her sentiments were the same as his. He began to delve up the time case in the scene yet ceased when he understood it wouldn't be correct.

In the feature, we glimmer forward 10 years after the fact. Pursue spoke the truth to propose to sweetheart Alyssa (Jamie Snow) when Michael (Chris Massey) came going through the entryway. He said he'd gone to California, went to Pacific Coast Academy and uncovered the time case. That is the point at which he gave Chase Zoey's DVD. Heave.

This is what Zoey said:

Also, now, I wanna let you know around a standout amongst the most extraordinary individuals I've ever met. His name is Chase Matthews. What's more, he's one of the most clever, coolest, most delightful gentlemen on the planet. Once in a while, I kinda think he really likes me, yet different times, I kinda think he simply needs to be companions. All I know without a doubt is, Chase is truly extraordinary to me, and who knows, perhaps he's even my perfect partner.

Gracious, the emotions! Zoey thought Chase could have been her perfect partner. We essentially can't bargain. Dan tweeted the feature on Sept. 18 with this subtitle: "I never break a guarantee! I adore you all. I cherish Zoey 101. This is for THE FANS."

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