Thrown: Kamal Haasan, Andrea, Pooja, Balachander and Others Coordinated by: Ramesh Aravind Created by: C. Kalyan Music by: Ghibran ...

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Uttama villain Movie review- Kamal hasan latest movies

Thrown: Kamal Haasan, Andrea, Pooja, Balachander and Others

Coordinated by: Ramesh Aravind

Created by: C. Kalyan

Music by: Ghibran

Discharge Date: 2015-05-03

Uttama villain Movie review- Kamal hasan latest movies

Uttama Villain Movie Review

Fanciful performing artist Kamal Haasan's Uttama Villain confronted numerous obstacles to make it to the theaters. This is one of Kamal Haasan's fantasy extends and raised interest among his fans right from the day it was reported. Kamal himself gave the script to this film and it is coordinated by performing artist turned executive Ramesh Aravind.

What is it about?

Manoranjan (Kamal Haasan) is a film genius, who trench his wife for his profession. He has an unsanctioned romance with a youthful specialist Arpana (Andrea) regardless of having a teen child. At the point when everything is going so well for Manoranjan, he gets diagnosed by a cerebrum tumor. He needed to do a film called Uttama Villain under his guide Margadarsi (Balachander) course before he kicks the bucket.


Kamal Haasan's towering execution leading the pack part goes about as a main impetus for this film. He is brilliant in passionate scenes and this is effectively his best execution lately. His entertaining execution in the character Uttama is additionally charming. Andrea is fine. Pooja goes over the edge in couple of scenes. Balachander is great as the tutor. K. Vishwanadh and Urvasi are in their components. Nasser is okay as the comic reprobate. Rest of the star cast did their bit.


Kamal Haasan's script is noteworthy with parcel of passionate profundity in it. Notwithstanding, blending of reel life character and genuine character of the lead isn't done to flawlessness. Ramesh Aravind made a reasonable showing in taking care of the film well. There are numerous scenes that demonstrate the development levels of the executive.

Ghibran's music is tuned in to the class of the film. The film is a craftsmanship house sort of and Ghibran didn't get any degree for business music. Cinematography is topnotch. Altering could have been fine in the second half. The film gloats of rich creation values.

Thumbs Up:

Kamal Haasan

Enthusiastic scenes

Thumbs Down:

Moderate pace



Uttama Villain is a film that will please Kamal fans without a doubt. He is so splendid in the number one spot part. There are couple of scenes that no one but he could draw off. The genuine holding in the middle of Kamal and Balachander likewise assumed huge part in raising the motion picture. The harmony between the two setups (film and genuine living) is practically immaculate in the first half.

Second half is not as captivating as the first half. There are some splendid minutes in the middle of, yet the cloudy subplot aggravates the stream of the film numerous a period. This film will speak to extremely constrained gathering of people and the individuals who don't unite with the motion picture will feel depleted before three hour's over long motion picture.

Kamal Haasan shoulders the film notwithstanding its shortcomings. He is there in every casing and that is the greatest resource for this one. The treatment of the film is drowsy and it will be an extraordinary dissatisfaction in the event that you expect something uncommon from Kamal Haasan. The motion picture may appear to be affirm in the event that you run with nil desires. We have seen numerous incredible movies from the genius and Uttama Villain won't have place amongst his best. The film may not do that well on the business front as it is a strict no-no for the masses.


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