Renegade Wilson's Real Age Revealed: She Did Lie, Records Confirm

Dramatization! Rebel Wilson is in a touch of boiling point water after her REAL age has been uncovered, in spite of asserting she's 29. It would appear that somebody may have been extending reality about her age a bit — and by a bit we mean A LOT!

Renegade Wilson's Real Age Revealed: She Did Lie, Records Confirm

Rebel Wilson is known not a joke out of everything, so is fudging reality about her age some piece of her demonstration? After an Australian tabloid did some exploring into the performers foundation, they discovered a somewhat of a feign! The Pitch Perfect 2 on-screen character has beforehand said she was 29, however we now know she needs to add a couple of years to that number. Discover what her genuine age is!

Rebel Wilson Real Age Revealed: 'Pitch Perfect' Actress Lied About Age

29? Attempt 35!

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission demonstrate that Rebel was conceived in 1980, the Sydney Morning Herald affirmed. Whoa — that implies she's six years more seasoned than she's been asserting to be! All things considered, age is only a number at any rate.

Alongside lying about her age, records demonstrated that her original name is really Melanie Elizabeth Bownds — despite the fact that the Australian performing artist has asserted her genuine name is Rebel, and that Melanie and Elizabeth were just names she passed by at school.

As opposed to avoiding the spotlight, notwithstanding, the amusing performer took to Twitter to have her own little chuckle at it! 
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