How Pawan Fans Fooled Media !!

This is not to stick point any, but rather truly when fans delude media houses, the outcome will be appalling. Today this happened on account of Pawan Kalyan, as a photograph shared by an obstinate devotee of Powerstar lead to genuine exchanges all around.

How Pawan Fans Fooled Media !!

A prominent uber fan, a representative of one of Mega fans gathering has shared a photo of 'Before/After of Pawan Kalyan' guaranteeing that Pawan has totally shaved his facial hair and is prepared for Gabbar Singh 2 shooting. As the offer originated from such a mainstream fan, few media houses have really distributed that Pawan is prepared with his great looking look. Hours after the fact, this ended up being sham as Pawan showed up with the same over-developed facial hair take a gander at Manchu Manoj's wedding. Stunned by the incident, upset columnists of some media houses have faced Pawan's fans, and both began tossing brickbats at one another.

'Once in a while we do get wrong data. Various times we have shared very imperative information and these media houses utilized them like anything for their TRPs. At the same time, in the event that it failed for once, how far it is right at fault us', asked fans. Media people however said that they could no more trust these fans from now onwards.
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